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Welcome to Kavi's Semi-Professional Homepage, Nostalgic for a Web 1.0 Digital Past It and I Did Not Experience

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Site being written currently, apologies for its current roughness.

Being Constructed
cicadas exist; chicory, chromium,
citrus trees; cicadas exist;
cicadas, cedars, cypresses, the cerebellum

Inger Christensen, from Alphabet

Keep the text raw, in overdetermined bright.

A squiggle i squiggled


kduvvoor AT ucsc DOT edu

Autoblurb (Adapted from LinkedIn)

I am an MFA student in Digital Arts and New Media at UC Santa Cruz, with an Sc.B. in Mathematics from Brown University and an A.B. in Literary Arts with Honors.

I am interested in structure, language, meaning and form - especially as they are investigated and reconfigured in interdisciplinary encounters. Especially essential to me are the practices of reading, writing, programming, and supporting others working artistically & across disciplines, towards necessary social re-imaginings. Research and/or teaching will hopefully continue to be part of this work.

I am especially interested in: digital language arts; abstract algebra and category theory; pataphysics and nonsense; games and interactive media; linguistics and poetry/fiction; and Bourbaki and the OuLiPo.


Small Things

Other surfaces

Some things I recently liked