Copied facebook post about the noob-trap shibboleths of 101 courses

I feel like most academic disciplines have noob-trap shibboleths: things we are tempted to use to show knowledge of the subject but which actually are seen by experts as signals of too little training & cultural indoctrination to be taken seriously – signs of trying too hard. Tentative list:

Film: establishing shot; “auteur”
Linguistics: prescriptivism vs. descriptivism; Chomsky Mark I Universal Grammar rhetoric about syntax
Literary theory: free indirect style; the death of the author
Math: Gödel’s theorems or disproportionate interest in foundations broadly
Games: “ludonarrative dissonance”
Poststructuralism: the word “postmodernism” unless properly traced through Jameson; rhizomes
Analytic philosophy: signs of emotion or human concern – “stoner philosophizing”; trolley problems
Statistics: Bayesianism vs. frequentism
CS: argumentative discussion of programming languages or editors
Economics: Everything

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