Condensed Political Post

I think there is a reasonable chance social media posts are a factor establishing consensuses (consensi?) which drive behavior. All at once then:

1. Voting is impactful! In CA, my presidential, senate, and house vote don’t matter at all, because this is a fairly undemocratic country, but the ballot measures and local offices are important! But don’t vote for Republicans, you know? I believe in political disagreement and debate, i just also believe that all reasonable and potentially good-faith policy debate in this country is between centrist and progressive wings of the Democratic party and third parties, choices hidden by the federalist two-party system. Apparently there are things you can do like ask for provisional ballots if you aren’t registered. Somehow Trump’s approval rating has been increasing, 47% now by one poll? There’s no Inevitable Return To Sanity And Justice (as those things weren’t there before either), the moral majority loves the police state

2. I cannot come up with any coherent defence of limiting our moral circle to US citizens (there are some of a strategic use of citizenship, but none of them start with the premise that people in other countries or without documents are actually morally irrelevant), as our politics and even constitution do. What is happening with the large scale long-term caging deportation and terrorization of people, including children, from communities who are a fundamental part of this country, and the region I live in especially, is fascistic, unimaginably horrific: I don’t think it’s hyperbolic to call it a form of ethnic cleansing, if along different lines and in different ways than past examples. One organization I’ve heard of doing useful legal work is the Florence Project, and I would really like to know of other uses of small amounts of money or time a person can do. This extends to things like trade: people losing jobs in Michigan is bad and sad – people not getting jobs & money that means a dramatically more comfortable life in Cambodia or Mexico or Bangladesh is also very bad and sad, and these things needn’t be assumed to be in tension

3. Trans people exist! Policing and tormenting people around gender has become one of their core planks, shibboleth’s, often pushed to the side relative to other concerns. Don’t create databases of chromosomes or genitals!! People who belong to other categories, move between, or slip between the cracks of M/F have existed, as far back as you like if you’re willing to look askew. While the scale of anti-trans violence in the US is perhaps small in comparison to the ordinary deaths of people in the not-rich world for lack of medication, social infrastructure, or nutrition, gendered violence and the enforcement of gender difference are truly fundamental to our and most cultures, and those ordinary harms & distresses add up!

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