Link to Darius Kazemi Post on Decentralized Social Networks

Enjoyed this nice Darius Kazemi post about the dream of open standards for social media My feelings about Facebook seem common: that I hate many things about it, and think some of it’s corporate interests / tendencies are particularly harmful, but kind of grew up posting on it, don’t know how else to say something at once to many people I know without being really weird rather than just kind of weird, and like keeping tabs on various acquaintances i would be nervous to just talk to (human psychology is weird..) – honestly FB is a key place for my performance of self so just leaving isn’t really an option (and I’m way too verbose for Twitter, I really like my impression of Tumblr, but it’s audience is smaller and it kind of seems too hard to enter when you didn’t in High School, etc). Many of us seem have a kind of Stockholm syndrome towards our social media platofrms, and something like Activity Pub could reduce the nuisances we put up with to speak & listen to each other.
The idea of some open standard like Activity Pub is that, as with email or RSS, it is not inconceivable that the basic (post/friend/follow/comment/react) logic of social media could straightforwardly allow at least partial communication between networks / clients if there were enough demand or regulatory mandate. For example i’ve wanted to use Mastodon, but as far as I know not many of my friends are on it, and without an existing network a social network seems pretty useless to me.. But if I could read what my friends posted on Facebook in Mastodon, that would improve how i spend an embarrassing amount of time. I’m not saying this is plausible – it undermines something like a trillion dollar’s business model – but we do have free email!

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